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Yarns are manufactured for all types of carpets but bespoke yarns are our speciality




Tufting  80/20 wool nylon graphics yarn

This yarn is made specifically for tufters with movement and patterning facilities on their machines. Particular reference is given to strength and levelness of the yarn. Great care is taken during winding to ensure  a good run off with minimum waste 


Weaving  80/20 wool nylon and 100% wool Axminster yarn

This yarn is made in yellow white, white and super white (black hair free) sold in scourless lubricant or hank dyed and delivered on hank or cone


Tufting & Wilton  hard twist or frize yarns

Hard twist yarn is produced in singles  or two ply construction, hank or stock dyed to customers specific shades. Hard twist yarns for1/10th gauge hank dyed plain is one of our specialities


Pass & hand tuft  100% white New Zealand wool yarns

This yarn is produced for high quality tufted plain carpets for use on wide tufting machines or by the pass and hand tufting system. Yarns are manufactured in single, two, three or four ply construction. The yarn can be hank or stock dyed delivered on hank or measured length cone


Bespoke yarns  specialty yarns

Many other types of yarns are produced including two or three coloured stipple yarns, flame proofed aircraft yarns, fast dyed yarns for cruise ships, yarns for dust barrier mats with built in mono filament scraper. Plus we are always ready to listen to customers specialty requirements




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